Web Design vs Web Development.

Oct 12, 2020
by Jeff Brigman

Most folks interchange the terms Web Design and Web Development, however they are two different skills that have some overlap.

What's the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

A web designer is like a interior designer or graphic artist who helps design and arrange the styling of an area. So in the case of a web designer, they design and arrange the styling of a website or web page. Web designers typically have more creative energy which allows them to tap into this creativeness to help design the overall layout and look. This can take the shape of a wireframe, actual graphic layout, drawings/blueprint, and more.

A web developer is like a building contractor/carpenter who build the overall working foundation/structure of a site. So in the case of a web developer, they are responsible for developing the applications and functionality through coding for the website or web page. Most web developers don't know every programming language out there but instead focus on a few types such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript and sometimes PHP.

In fact there may be several web developers involved on a project depending on the complexity of it.

Is It Better To Work With A Web Designer Or Web Developer For My Website Needs?

The answer is both. If you settle for one or the other, you'll encounter shortcomings with both. However an agency, business, or even a freelancer who is experienced in both areas is your best bet. You'll get the creative energy needed while getting the coding experience required for a great website that works.

By hiring a website company, like Vertical Hosts, you will get a properly managed and well planned website that will look great and function properly. In other words, we deliver Websites that Work.

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