How To Trigger An Elementor Popup Using Text

Nov 27, 2019
by Jeff Brigman

How To Trigger An Elementor Popup Using Text

Updated: May 30, 2021

The Elementor Popup is a great feature found in Elementor Pro. You can easily turn it into an effective marketing tool, lead capture tool, and so much more. One feature that's missing though, is the ability to associate text (specifically in the Text Editor) as a trigger for a Popup.

This tutorial will help you to achieve this WITHOUT any additional plugins.

** One thing to note, is that we have noticed that Elementor has a habit of renaming the link URL associated with popups. This method will require you to check the link(s) after Elementor updates and possibly update URL or it will stop working since it's not linked by Elementor by dynamic data. Unfortunately we have no control over this and honestly Elementor should include this feature anyways so users don't have to work around a shortcoming.

Before we start, here's an example of it in action: Popup Triggered By Text


Drop an image in, anywhere. Then select next to Link, Custom URL. It will reveal the link area and options, and the Dynamic options. Click on Dynamic and scroll down until you find ActionsPopup. Select Popup and then click on it again. Enter the name of the popup, and click on it.

Selecting Your Popup


Next click on the Preview icon  (eye icon ). Then right click the image you've linked to the Popup, and copy the link address.


Look for the part of the URL that starts with #elementor-action. Copy from the # all the way to the end of URL. When adding this URL, DO NOT ADD a forward slash at the beginning. It should be something similar to this:


The final step is to now highlight the text you're wanting to add the Popup link to, paste the part you copied into it, and click Apply.

The linked text and url should look similar to this (again, do not add the forward slash):

That's it, now you have text that will trigger the Elementor Popup. Scroll back to the top of this post to see the demo again.

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