Combining Our Sites: and

Nov 17, 2021
by Jeff Brigman

Traditionally in the past I've tried to keep my various projects separate, but this caused a lot of work on my end. Starting today going forward, I will be migrating all our previous content on and my personal site to here. You will notice some older posts that look weird, but I am steadily working on updating them so they flow/look properly for here.

Another reason, is that I want to continue to pour into my main project here and truth be told the other two are still a reflection on a lot of the work I've done here at Vertical Hosts.

I will continue to maintain those two sites and place redirects on them to here, and then ultimately redirect them to the main page here.

Another big reason is that I've had some pretty big projects I've been working on behind the scenes that can now be publicly shared. I will be making a further post on those very soon.

Thank you for your patience as I work to update the site and yes, I am still available for any design services you may need.

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