Code Vertical Child Theme for Divi

Mar 12, 2019
by Jeff Brigman

Code Vertical Child Theme for Divi

We want to introduce you to Code Vertical, the free and powerful child theme for Divi. This child theme offers quite a few features, so keep reading to learn more.

Because this child theme is free, we offer no automatic updates to it. The good news is that you can tweak it however you want and not have to worry about your changes being overwritten. Alternatively you can use our Theme Editor Plugin to tweak any theme or child theme as well.


Custom Login Page Editor

Customized Login Page

This child theme adds settings under Appearance → Customize to allow you to customize the WordPress login page (you can't view those changes while logged in).

You can change pretty much every aspect of the login page such as the background color or add an image. You can change all the form colors and styles including the text.

You can even add your own logo or your clients logo to help boost your brand identity even further. When you click on it, you'll be sent to your site homepage instead of the WordPress website.

Dynamic Copyright

You add the copy and then a year or two goes by because you've forgotten about it. Now the copyright in your footer doesn't have the current year. No worries.

Your copyright and site title will auto-populate in the footer section for you thanks for some code we've added in the child theme for you. You can also edit or add additional text within the Functions file.

Child Theme Dynamic Copy Right

Bouncing Back to Top

Bouncing Back to Top Button

We've added the CSS to the style.css file that not only changes the default look of the back to top button, but also adds an animated bounce to it.

You can go and change the colors in that file within your child theme to match your websites style/brand.

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