Because Screen Size Matters

Because Screen Size Matters

Your site should be mobile friendly Almost 2 years ago Google announced that your websites ranking would now be affected by mobile friendliness. If your site IS NOT mobile friendly, it will be penalized. Responsive Web design is now a standard practice. It’s no...

New Service – Client Care Plans

Why A Client Care Plan Is Key To A Successful Website All software, including those that power websites require care to keep the site functioning properly. Ignoring or avoiding regular care is like never changing the oil or tires on your car. You wouldn’t ignore...

3 Ways You’re Killing Potential New Leads

When new leads come to your site, are you cashing in or are you killing them? In this article I discuss 3 ways you may be killing potential new leads. You’re not converting existing leads into return customers Perhaps you spent money on ads and various other...
What is a WordPress Child Theme?

What is a WordPress Child Theme?

A frequent scenario that keeps too many WordPress site owners from properly maintaining their websites: You log in and notice that an update is available for your theme. You know that updates are good and you want to keep your site secure, so you click the “upgrade”...
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