Combining Our Sites: and

Traditionally in the past I've tried to keep my various projects separate, but this caused a lot of work on my end. Starting today going forward, I will be migrating all our previous content on and my personal site to here. You will notice some older posts that look weird, but I am steadily working on updating them so they flow/look properly for here.

Another reason, is that I want to continue to pour into my main project here and truth be told the other two are still a reflection on a lot of the work I've done here at Vertical Hosts.

I will continue to maintain those two sites and place redirects on them to here, and then ultimately redirect them to the main page here.

Another big reason is that I've had some pretty big projects I've been working on behind the scenes that can now be publicly shared. I will be making a further post on those very soon.

Thank you for your patience as I work to update the site and yes, I am still available for any design services you may need.

screenshot 2021.07.27 15 44 21 is the Christian outreach of which is owned/operated by Jeff Brigman. We work exclusively with other Christian businesses, groups, organizations, and individuals to provide web and graphic design at low or no cost.

The purpose behind this is to provide a clear understanding of our mission, to provide fellow Christians with easy and affordable web design options, and to create a unique Christian identity within the web design world.

If you're a Christian business, group, organization, individuals, artist, musician, and so on, we want to help you succeed by blessing you and your mission through the skillset we have. Contact us today.

Responsive Web Design - What It Does and Why It Matters

Responsive web design is a term attributed to Ethan Marcotte from an article he wrote in 2010 in which he describes it as:

"fluid grid/ flexible images/ media queries"

In simpler terms it is content that automatically changes/responds to the dimensions of the device/screen so that the content remains easily viewable and usable by the user/visitor.

Responsive web design capability has been around to some degree since 2008/2009. However folks still didn't adapt the practices until the past 3-4 year. In fact some folks still refuse to use it or add on an upcharge to do it.

The reality is that responsive web design should be done, should be an industry standard, and shouldn't cost more to provide.

What Does Responsive Web Design Do?

As mentioned before, it automatically changes the content based on the dimension of the device/screen. However there's more to than just that. Basically when you view a website from a device, the browser will look to see what the screen size is set to and then render it based on what the website tells it to do. So for example a website viewed on a laptop will look different than a cellphone. Both will have similar content and style, but the layout will be different. Check out the different views in this screenshot.

Responsive Views Of Vertical Hosts

As your screen size changes, so should the design/layout of your site. It should automatically adjust things like images and text sizes so it stays readable/viewable no matter the screen size. The purpose of responsive web design is so you don't have to zoom in or out to view the content.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, some web design companies still refuse to accept responsive web design as an industry standard, or MUST HAVE. They also like to misrepresent how easily it's implemented, and instead add on an upcharge or upgrade fee to add the capability. In fact, they have to purposely seek out older software versions just to implement a non-mobile friendly, non-responsive design.

Why Does Responsive Design Matter?

For starters, it matters because search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yandex will penalize sites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Second, because visitors to your site deserve a sight that works well on their device. They shouldn't have to zoom the page, squint to read text, or struggle to click a button or menu. Third, because it drives traffic and engagement because folks can actually interact with the content. Last but not least, because there's ZERO excuse for a website to not be responsive in this day and age because over 50% of all website visits are done on a mobile device.

Your amazing service or company will only help website traffic so much. It's guaranteed that a poorly designed, non-responsive, non-mobile friendly website will drive sales and traffic AWAY from your site.

In this age of COVID, you need all the sales and leads you can get.

Our promise to you:

We've got you covered during Covid19

Back in March when all the coronavirus issues started to flare up, we made the decision to make sure our customers and their websites stayed online, secure, and worked properly.

So whether you're in Knoxville or some other state, we've been taking precautions to keep you and us safe. We are also taking additional steps to keep the lines of communication open by ensuring our video chat options (Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime, & Skype) stay viable and available. We've also had our client portal readily available that features kanban style cards so you can see tasks we are working on and easily comment/chat with us there and more.

While we've done all this to ensure we are available, we understand some folks still like to call or meet in person. We are ready for that also.

No matter the situation or how we interact, we are here to support you. We will always place our customers success and survivability above profits during this difficult time.

Stay safe, stay strong, and don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Visit for the latest information on COVID19.