When Facebook came on the scene, it quickly grew from just a site for College students, to a dominate company within the realm of social media. As Facebook grows, it continues to expand and evolve it’s services. While these services are great and can help boost your business brand, Facebook SHOULD NOT replace your website. Facebook wants you to think it is a suitable replacement, but here’s four reasons why it’s not:

1. They Control It

With a website you get to completely control the design, and layout. However with Facebook, you’re limited to their brand colors of blue and white. Not good when you’re trying to boost your brand identity.  However that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With a website, you have COMPLETE CONTROL. That means you can do things that Facebook simply won’t allow and probably never will.

Have you ever wondered why certain posts don’t show up in your feed while others do? When you post something on Facebook for your friends or followers, you probably expect it to show up in every one of their news feeds. Isn’t sharing with your friends the point of Facebook? But it turns out that really isn’t the case, because behind the scenes, Facebook is picking and choosing which posts appear in which timelines.

Facebook claims this filtering helps your friends and followers see only the posts that interest them the most. In doing this, they are telling you how, when, and where your content should be shown. If you have a website, you control all that.

2. They Essentially Co-Own Your Content

Wait… What? You read that right. Their Community Standards page states you own all the content and information you post, however…. by posting on Facebook, you give them the right to use your posts/content in any manner they see fit including to generate revenue for themselves or others. Here it is: Facebook Terms of Use

So not only can they use it however they want, they can TRANSFER it to other companies for them to use as well. Does that sound like you really own the content and information you’re posting?

3.They’re Constantly Making Changes

Facebook frequently rolls out updates, which is both good and bad. Those updates often change how your posted content looks and they don’t care if you like it or not. It’s like a gremlin wreaking havoc. Once you finally get the new changes figured out and you update your cover photo and other content to flow with the new layout, they change it again. It’s annoying.

All that time and energy could be spent customizing your WEBSITE to match your brand. On top of that, WordPress gives advance notice of changes that may affect layout and you can even choose to not update to that version (we don’t recommend this though). Either way, YOU CONTROL the changes… not Facebook.

4. It’s An Extension, Not A Replacement

A Facebook page is meant to extend your brands reach, not to be a direct replacement for it. In other words, Facebook is a digital marketing tool and nothing more. Don’t be fooled by all the nifty bells and whistles they’ve added, it’s meant to distract you from that hard truth. How you present your company directly affects it’s brand. When you rely on social media tools only, you devalue that brand. Why? Because you can only represent your brand so far because you’re constrained to their choices.

Don’t You Want To Be In Control?

Use social media for what it’s intended to be, a marketing tool, and build the website that ACCURATELY REFLECTS your companies brand. Style it how you want, and display the content you want….. YOU should be the decision maker, not Facebook.

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