At Vertical Hosts, we believe you deserve to know how and why we do business the way we do. So here’s the 3 rules we guide our business by:

1. Everything we do is based on giving thanks and glorifying Jesus to the greatest extent we can. What this means is that every task, job, and support request is done to the best of our ability. That also means we seek guidance from others to ensure we are doing it right the first time and when we find a mistake, we own up to it.

2. We make sure you’re actually ready for a website. Far to often folks look at a website as a “get rich quick” thing and far to often most don’t have a clue what their goals are. They haven’t taken the time to do any research to develop an outline or blueprint. If you’re not ready, we will help guide you to that point even if you choose another company to go with.

3. We make sure to be honest at all times. You work hard for your money and your time is valuable. We believe you deserve to be treated fairly and honestly no matter what. If you tell us goodbye, we make sure you have a smooth transition.

This is how we’ve chosen to do business. We will stick to these principals regardless of how the world may change around us and regardless of how someone may choose to treat us. We do this because at the end of the day, we want to know that we did all we could to make the world a better place.