From WordPress to Mac/PC to SAAS, these tools will make everything better, including your job and relationships.

Everybody struggles at some point with trying to find tools that make them more productive, quicker, and just plain awesome. Here’s out list of tools we think EVERYONE should use or at least consider. This list contains a variety tools for WordPress, Mac/Windows, Cloud SAAS, and then a few misc things we think you should have/use. The links below contain some affiliate links.


Divi Theme

The Divi Theme is a revolutionary powerhouse in the WordPress world. It features a robust page builder that continues to see incredible features added on a regular basis.

Divi and Elegant Themes also proudly boasts the largest communities for any theme or builder available for WordPress. You can find many of them on Facebook.

Your best cost savings is a Lifetime Membership with Elegant Themes.

Nested Pages

Nested Pages is a powerful plugin that provides drag and drop capabilities to any Page or Post type within the WordPress Admin area. It allows you to easily organize them in a structured manner.

It also allows you to create bulk pages and to clone existing ones.

This tool is great for clients and users new to WordPress as it presents Pages and Posts in a nice organized fashion. You find out more about this plugin on the Nested Pages website

SEO Framework

SEO Framework and it’s companion plugin Extensions Manager, are powerful SEO plugins that provides everything you would need for Search Engine Optimization and much more.

It’s a lightweight, easy to use, hard hitting SEO plugin that gives you what you need and not all the absurd bloatware that other similar plugins include.

Go check out their free plugin, you won’t regret it.

iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a must have for any WordPress website. They offer both a free and paid (Pro) version. The free version has a ton of great features, however we recommend the Pro version because it provides greater security options such as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) login.

Honestly this is a no brainer. Every WordPress site needs several layers of security. So do yourself and your client a favor, install this plugin TODAY!

Notable Mentions

There are a lot of great plugins out there. While the one’s listed above are what we consider as “Must Have”, this list contains other plugins that we use from time to time. We don’t use them as often because we don’t need them for every site. A few are dependent on certain criteria such as type of hosting, size of site, and so on.



ScreenFlow is without a doubt the best screen recording/editing software for Mac there is. It’s easy enough for beginners but has all the tools professionals would need. It’s beyond amazing.

With the release of ScreenFlow 8, their premium Stock Media Library add-on was also released. It boasts thousands of stock media such as videos, music, and audio.

If you’re considering doing any type of videos (tutorials, reviews, etc…) and use a Mac, this is the tool you want for that.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is available for Mac, Windows, and iPad. This software has made waves since it debuted due to it’s editing power/capabilities and also due to it’s low cost of $49. That’s right, no subscription needed. On top of that you can export your work by PNG, JPG, SVG, PSD, EPS, AI, and much more.

Wanting to edit photos? No problem, check out their other software Affinity Photo. It’s powerful software that has a low cost of $49 also.

Notable Mentions

The world of desktop software/apps are infinite for Mac and Windows. We use both but primarily rely on Macs for most of our work. Here’s a list of a few other notable desktop apps worth looking into.

Cloud SAAS


CloudApp is an easy-to-use screen recorder that brings video, webcam, screenshot annotation, and GIF creation securely to the cloud. Capture, share, and accelerate your business communication.

CloudApp is a quick and easy to use tool that is a great everyday tool. They have a Chrome extension as well.

You can upload and share just about any file you want, and even put view/time limits on them.


RocketLink is a link shortener that allows you to track and retarget by use of Pixels. They are a relative newcomer but don’t be fooled, they are on the move.

Their pricing for features comparable to the big guys is beyond belief. They offer a LOT more for a lower cost.

They also have a cool feature we love, QR Codes. Go check them out and get started with them now.


UserGuiding is an easy to use onboarding software that allows you to add interactive walk through guides for your site.

We use it for onboarding new clients on how to use the WordPress Admin area. We are able to reduce support questions by creating guides on topics such as “How to make a new post” or “How to create a new event”.

They have an easy to setup WordPress Plugin that helps you quickly integrate your guides.


ManageWP allows you to manage several WordPress websites from one dashboard. You can set up automatic backups, perform security scans, update WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugins, and so much more.

They are on their A game and are an industry leader.

Go check them out and give them a try.

Notable Mentions

Here are some other great SAAS we use. Some we use often and others we use a few times a month. Regardless, these are all great software.

Misc. Must Haves

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Let’s face the reality that smart phones are always with us, and the technology in them are quite good. So having a good gimbal to use is becoming a must have these days.

The Osmo Mobile 2 is a great low cost ($139), but very dependable gimbal from DJI. With their accompanying app, you can do all sorts of things like: Active Track, Motion Lapse, and Zoom.

Go check it out: DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is just one of those companies you can’t live without. They create more than just stickers for you, but also labels, buttons, and packaging material.

Their overall process is quick. From design mockup to delivery, it was pretty quick. The overall quality of the products we’ve ordered from them have been top notch, and in some cases even better than we expected.

Sure, this isn’t necessarily a tool… but it’s great for marketing.

So this wraps up our list of web dev tools we recommend. If you think we missed something, then feel free to comment and let us know.