Did you know that you should treat your Domain Name the same way you would your banking info?

By not having safeguards in place for your website and domain name, you’re opening the door for your brand and business to potentially lose revenue, be used as leverage against you, or held hostage for ransom. Here’s a few tips on how to on some safeguards you should implement TODAY:

It’s your website, so you should own the account where the domain name is registered. If you don’t have access to your own domain name, that’s a big issue!

NEVER, EVER transfer your domain name to a third party to manage it for you. You’re essentially handing them ownership and getting it back will be an EXPENSIVE uphill battle.

NEVER, EVER give anyone the main login info to your account. No one except you needs that level of access. Neither your web developer or website manager needs that.

If someone needs access to the settings for your domain name, ONLY give them developer access and then remove it once they are done. AGAIN, REMOVE THEIR ACCESS ONCE THEY ARE DONE!

I’m sure you’re probably asking a few questions or even doubting the tips we gave.


However here’s why we suggest them:

Your Domain Name is directly linked to your Brand. It takes time to build up a brand and a following, once it’s established losing any aspect of your brand results in lost revenue, time, and energy. If you’re a small business it’s going to cost you more to fight a court battle to get it back then to pay 99 cents for a new one. However, that new one isn’t what built the brand or the domain name that people associate with it. Having to tell your customers you had to get a new domain name because some 3rd party company hijacked it doesn’t look good and affects your credibility.

Giving someone possession of your domain name is like handing them a blank signed check.

I’m sure somewhere someone will say… but it’s in our contract that we retain ownership! There’s also an exit clause and breach of contract clause, both of which can easily result in forfeiture of your entire site including the domain name. Even if you have all the bases covered, do you really have the money to fight it out in court? What if it gets delayed for years?

Why even risk it?

Don’t! Keep control of your domain name no matter what that developer or designer tells you.

At Vertical Hosts, we will never require you to give us possession of your domain name. In fact we only need developer access long enough to point it at the server your site is hosted on and then we INSIST you remove us. It’s better for both of us that way. You own it, not us.


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