Each year we’ve improved our services and here we are again. We have reached another milestone. As of today we are now offering the following services at NO ADDITIONAL cost to all our clients:

Hosting Upgrades


All of our hosting now includes Litespeed Web Server and their WordPress plugin LSCache at no additional cost. In the past it was a paid add-on, but we’ve been doing some haggling and now we can offer it included in our current hosting packages at no additional cost to you.

Litespeed Web Server combined with LSCache plugin allows websites to run FASTER and EASIER than any other web infrastructure software. It’s like adding warp drive to your server.



In the past we’ve offered low cost ($9/year) Comodo SSL certificates to help visitors know they were visiting a secure site. Thanks to Comodo teaming up with cPanel (the control panel that’s used on your server), they now offer free AutoSSL certificates.

We make sure it’s turned on, and working. This means from DAY 1 your site has a powerful SHA-256 with RSA Encryption SSL certificate on your site that auto renews for FREE!

Website care Upgrades


In the past we were only able to scan for malware and then let you know if it was detected. If you wanted it removed it would have cost you anywhere from $200-600 or more. That was the days of old.

Today we are proud to announce that we not only scan, but also remove detected malware at no additional cost if you subscribe to our website maintenance plan. You will continue to receive all the other security benefits we currently offer as well.



We researched long and hard, and after many rounds of heated debate and testing we have decided to switch to BlogVault for all our backups needs and then some.

From Site Staging, Testing Site Restores, to Backing Up to numerous locations (including to DropBox) they offer everything we need to make sure your website stays up and running correctly.


The transition was seamless with zero downtime. In fact not a single customer experienced any downtime or issues associated with these feature upgrades. That’s a win for everyone!!

We want to celebrate this and we want to as well, so in a few days we will be offering some incredible, limited time deals. Make sure you check back here or our Facebook page to know when this happens!

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