A quick Google search reveals several sites that claim to know the best hosting company for WordPress, however the one’s most frequently listed are the best for wasting your time and money. In fact those sites claiming so and so are the best for WordPress are typically using undisclosed affiliate links that give them kickbacks every time someone signs up through their link. Where I’m from we call that a bait and switch, or even a scam. One site in particular that brands itself as site for “Beginner” WordPress users even lists most of these same hosting companies with affiliate links in tow.

Don’t be fooled by the “unlimited” diskspace or bandwidth either, there’s no such thing. Just take a look at their Terms of Service and you’ll quickly see that once your site starts to grow, they’ll potentially terminate your site without warning because you’ve been a bad neighbor or community member. Just think about cellular companies and their unlimited plans, how they throttle users without warning. Guess what, you’ll get that and worse while they hold your site hostage until you fork over more money. Is it really unlimited if they heavily restrict and penalize you, and then hide the truth in legalese fine print? No, again where I’m from we call that a bait and switch.

Recently we had to rescue a website from one of these marauders who presented their hosting for more than what it really was. They not only misled the customer, but tied their hands to such a degree that migrating their site away from this host to ours was extremely difficult. When a host purposely disables features that allow a paying customer to move their site to a new host, that’s deceptive business practices. To make it so difficult the site owner has to essentially pay a ransom or just write off the site as a loss, is absurd. However we are prepared for not only rescuing websites from shady hosts, but also when the customer has an oops moment. In this case we used a great tool called ManageWP, you can read our review about it here: MANAGEWP – THE ULTIMATE WORDPRESS DASHBOARD.

At Vertical Hosts we offer straight forward hosting, there’s no legalese or double talk, just honest hosting. Here’s a run down of what we have to offer at this time:

Our hosting packages offer straightforward diskspace and bandwidth, there’s no wishing or finger crossing in hopes you don’t hit the hidden “unlimited” line. You know exactly where you stand with us. We are constantly expanding our services and features, so be sure to keep an eye out for what add to the already sweet honey pot of services we provide.