Your site should be mobile friendly

Almost 2 years ago Google announced that your websites ranking would now be affected by mobile friendliness. If your site IS NOT mobile friendly, it will be penalized.

Responsive Web design is now a standard practice. It’s no longer considered an “add on” or “extra”, and any web developer that charges or has charged you to “enable” this feature has RIPPED YOU OFF. Yes, if in the past year you were charged to make your website mobile friendly by a developer.. you were ripped off, scammed, and cheated.

Because Screen Size Matters

We build all of our sites to make sure they follow current standards and best practices. This includes making websites mobile friendly. We don’t charge extra for this because honestly we see it as a standard option, much like auto manufacturers don’t charge extra for seat belts. How your site looks on cellphones and tablets MATTERS.

Is my site mobile friendly?

You can easily check to see if you current site is mobile friendly and how it functions using the Resizer tool. It allows you to fully browse your website to see how it looks. Go check your site now. If you’re unsure what a mobile friendly site should look like, check out our past Work to see examples of it.

What Should I do if it’s not?

Give us a shout and we would be glad to give you a free assessment of your website. We will let you know what options you have and give you honest advice even if you don’t need our help.

Don’t wait, every day your put off making your site mobile friendly the worse your site ranking gets in search returns.

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