When potential or even current donors come to your website, can they easily donate or give? Here’s 5 ways non-profits can boost online donations and giving:

Keep It Simple

If a potential donor has to jump through hoops, odds are they won’t contribute. Make sure donation/giving forms are easily accessible by putting them on the homepage or any page that’s a landing page. Be sure to have it in the menu so that no matter what page they are on, they can easily get to it.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

The percentage of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices and tablets has soared in the last few years. Such usage will continue to rise until eventually it becomes the primary way people use the internet and search the web. Check your site from a cellphone, tablet, and computer now. If it’s not easy to read, scroll through, and make donations, you need to make changes now.

Have Recurring Giving With Set Amounts

According to Network for Good, recurring donors give 42% more than those who give one-time gifts. Because of this, most nonprofits try to encourage donors to go beyond a one-time donation.

Give your recurring donation program a boost by having suggested giving amounts and outlining how each giving amount will help your cause; this will be more productive for your donation program instead of having donors type in an amount to give. You could start with a suggested giving amount of $35, but still offer opportunities for potential donors to start their donation at $25 or even $5. Keep in mind that donors who give lower amounts rarely cancel their donations and are easier to attract than those who give higher recurring amounts. In then end, it’s all about donations in volume.

Be Transparent About How It’s Used

Nonprofits are being called to a higher standard of transparency because donors want to know how their money is being used and what type of impact your organization is making. Clearly list how the donations will be used on the donation pages. If it’s being used to purchase food, clothing…etc, say so.

Show Proof Of The Impact

Use social media to give actual examples on how the donations are impacting lives. This “Social Proof“ will help new online donors gain confidence and give that first gift! Donors love to make that personal connection, as helps them feel the impact they are making.

 Other Things That Impact Donations/Giving

Hopefully the tips above have given you some new ideas and/or sparked thoughts on how you can improve your online fundraising program. We would love to hear back from you and to even help you implement them. Just get in touch with us and let us know!