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This Is How We Do it….

This Is How We Do it….

At Vertical Hosts, we believe you deserve to know how and why we do business the way we do. So here’s the 3 rules we guide our business by: 1. Everything we do is based on giving thanks and glorifying Jesus to the greatest extent we can. What this means is that...
Migration Assistance

Migration Assistance

FREE Migration for Supported Control Panels With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at Vertical Hosts want to make this important decision as easy as possible. Our innovative technology combines on-demand capabilities with top of the line service. We...
DDOS Protection Details

DDOS Protection Details

DDOS Protection Vertical Hosts offers complementary DDOS protection on all server plans! We offer protection up to 500gbps and 700mpps for bandwidth and packet intensive attacks designed to take your website offline by flooding it with more traffic than it can handle....
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