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What’s the difference?

Slamdot has a cool, trendy, and hip vibe. From their outdoor chairs, their office spaces, and even their conference room… all of it coordinates with their brand. However that’s where it all ends with Slamdot.

They paint a pretty picture but it’s simply masking a Knoxville Web Design company that’s overcharging for an overused cookie cutter WordPress theme. In fact almost all their sites have the exact same layout and style, the only difference is the color schemes used. Go take a look for yourself: This site is proudly hosted and designed by Slamdot. Be sure to check out the mobile view also, most don’t look good on your phone or tablet. Why? Because they charge extra for what’s now an industry standard for web design. Then take notice of their branding in the tab, they use their logo for the Favicon. That’s extremely bad practice for a web designer.


Once in a while Slamdot produces a decent

website that’s actually unique, but that’s a rarity.

Slamdot Pricing

Their basic web design fees start around $5000 upwards of $20,000+. Why? Because you have to pay for their over the top office space, equipment, and much more. Just take a look at the pictures we’ve attached. That pricing doesn’t even include making it mobile friendly. I’m sorry but mobile friendly is a standard now, not an addon feature. Guess what else they charge extra for? To use your Favicon logo in the tab instead of theirs.

The biggest thing that Slamdot has going for them is marketing. From them being members of various Chamber of Commerces, to the number of backlinks they place on each site they build, it all builds their brand and in turn increases them being found on search engines.

They don’t really care about how your site looks, functions, or if it’s secure. They only care about your money.

Yes we can honestly make this statement. In February 2017 a major security flaw was exposed in which anyone could view the usernames being used on your site and much much more. We took immediate action to restrict this the day it occurred, however Slamdot did not.

We notified a good friend of ours who has his business website designed, and managed by them. We sent him this link: https://wptavern.com/wordpress-rest-api-vulnerability-exploits-continue and in turn he forwarded it to them. Slamdot simply dismissed this and refused to implement a simple fix that would have restricted accessing it. While his site didn’t get hacked, thousands did (some sites by Slamdot may or may not have been affected by this).



Why would you:

  • Overpay to support a lavish lifestyle?
  • Overpay to support an extravagant office space/interior design?
  • Overpay to have a mobile friendly website?
  • Overpay to have YOUR BRANDING used?
  • Overpay only to have security issues dismissed?
  • Overpay for a cookie cutter web design?
  • Overpay just to have a trendy and hip company build your website?


Here’s the Vertical Hosts difference:

  • We use Divi by Elegant Themes as a foundation for your website, and then create a unique child theme that’s custom to your business needs. So your website is always one of a kind, not a cookie cutter overused one.
  • We include a lifetime license with it so your theme can always be updated, and we don’t charge extra for it.
  • In fact if we use an addon on your site and we have a lifetime license for it, we include it and we don’t charge extra for it.
  • By default your website is mobile friendly and we don’t charge extra for it.
  • We use your logo for the favicon, not ours and we don’t charge extra for it.
  • We use cloud based hosting from a US company that includes Litespeed Web Server, Bit Ninja, and an SSL. Guess what? We don’t charge extra for those three.
  • We are a multi-site company in which our employees work from home. We don’t overcharge you so that we can upkeep our lavish lifestyles and offices. This means YOU save money.
  • The security of your website matters even after you’ve paid us. If a major security flaw is revealed, we will either fix it for you or we make sure you know about it and how to fix it. And we don’t charge extra for it.
  • We throw in lots of freebies such as icons, minor photography, and more because we love you!

At the end of the day, you matter most. We don’t care about having a fancy office space, or “cool” vehicle. We don’t need color coordinated furniture either. What we do need is for you to have an amazing site that works properly without having to take out a 2nd mortgage in order to pay for it.


So what are you waiting for…..

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