What's the difference?

So you're curious about what the difference is between us and other Knoxville web design companies. Keep reading to learn how we are different and then you'll understand why it matters.

Here's how we are different.
We've been building websites that work, look amazing, and are priced fairly since 2010.
Jeff Brigman, Owner/Lead Developer

Jeff Brigman

Fair Pricing

Typically all of our services (web design, graphic design, marketing, hosting...etc) is 3-5 times less than our competitors. We charge less because we charge a fair market value and that's what you deserve. A fair investment.

Websites that Work

Our websites work correctly from the day it's launched live. We use an extensive 100 point checklist to ensure everything is good, functions properly, and looks great.

Mobile Friendly Included

The majority of our competitors charge extra to make your site mobile friendly aka responsive. Not only is that dishonest, it's not industry standards. EVERY SINGLE website we build is mobile friendly from day one and we don't charge extra for it.

Unique Designs

Most of our competitors use the same design for nearly every website they build and then charge you absurd amounts just to change the colors up. We don't do cookie cutter. Our designs are custom for every website we build and we don't charge extra for it.

Your Branding

We place a small "Website by Vertical Hosts" at the very bottom of your website, that's it. However many of our competitors place their branding and links all over your site (large image in footer, large image on login page, their logo in the browser tab favicon, and more) which is not only poor etiquette and design, but can also interfere with your own brand and SEO.

Your Tracking Code

Unlike many of our competitors, we will NEVER place our own Google Adwords, Facebook Pixel, or other tracking code on your website. Yes, quite a few shady Knoxville web designers are using your site to boost their advertising. Your site will only have your tracking codes!

You Own It

Simply put, we don't do rental or rent to own agreements for your website. You own it regardless of whether you use our additional services or hosting.

Real Support

We don't outsource our support. It's all done locally by us, the folks who built your website. We offer support 24/7 to ensure your website works, looks great, and online.

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